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Hello there, I'm Beth.

I love being a designer. You know those heart-stopping moments when you walk into a room and have to catch your breath because everything you see is jaw-droppingly beautiful? I want to make that for you. Let's make something we love together.


For licensing and collaborations you can email me at

A little more

Meet Beth Marquis, a graphic designer who discovered her passion for art early on. Her love for colors and design led her to specialize in print and branding. Beth's heart ultimately guided her towards illustration and surface design for stationary, gifts, and home goods. She is hopelessly devoted to creating patterns and paintings that enchant the eye.

Beth resides in Portland, Oregon, with her family - Jj, Violet, and Jo-Jo. While she has a lovely studio, she prefers to paint at the kitchen table, with a view of her garden. Her inspiration comes from picture books, daydreams, sleep dreams, and her unending romance with Mother Nature. Beth's pro tip for aspiring artists is to carry at least two sketchbooks. This way, you'll be prepared to jot down any magical ideas that come your way.

Her clients include J.C.Somers Vintner, Celestial Hill Vineyard, Budgie Goods, and Plural Collective.

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